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IAJeT Vol. 3, No. 4

June 2014

A Novel Weighted Support Method for Access Pattern Mining

Gopalakrishna Kurup Raju and Achuthan Nair Rajimol  

Determinants Affecting Customer’s Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking in Saudi Arabia

Layla Alsheikh and Jamil Bojei

Information Systems Specialists’ Sub-Culture: An Empirical Investigation

Ismail Romi

An Adaptive Learning Management System Based on Learner’s Learning Style

Nouran Radwan

Context of QoS in Web Service Selection: The Generalization of Web Services Selection Process

Nabil Keskes

Perception of Delay and Attitude toward Feedback Display: An Exploration into Downloaders’ Demographics

Chatpong Tangmanee and Pawarat Nontasil

Evaluating E-Health Services and Patients Requirements in Jordanian Hospitals

Nasim Matar and Mohammad Alnabhan

The Website of the University of Jordan: Usability Evaluation

Layla Hasan


IAJeT Vol. 3, No. 3

January 2014


Multi-Adaptive Learning Objects Repository Structure Towards Unified E-learning

Nasim Matar

A SOA-Based e-Government Data Integration

Suhail Madoukh and Rebhi Baraka

Inm- An Integration Model Resolving 3rd Party Source Code/Component Incorporation Issues During Open Source Software Development

Mariam Nosheen and Zahwa Syed 

Argumentation Based Negotiation in Multi-agent System

Ashraf El-Sisi and Hamdy Mousa 

Proposing a Framework for Choice Assistance of a Technology Enhanced Learning System Dedicated to Project-Based Collaborative Learning

Firas Abdallah

E-Learning “Java Programming” on Facebook!!! Big Ambitions and Important Challenges

Laid Kahloul, Samir Bourekkache, Okba Kazar

Evaluating the Usability of Educational Websites Based on Students' Preferences of Design Characteristics 

Layla Hasan

Efficient Energy Consumption Protocol in SN

Ensaf Alzurqa 


IAJeT Vol. 3, No. 2

June 2013


Data Mining In Negative Database

Mohamed Ibrahim, Hatem Abdul-Kader, Mohiy Hadhoud and Ali Abouzied

Critical Success Factors for the Adoption of e-Banking in Malaysia

Maryam Sohrabi, Julie Yew Mei Yeeand Robert Jeyakumar Nathan

Role of Satisfaction, Security and Risk towards Customer’s Turnover Intention from Traditional to Internet Banking

Mehwish Waheed, Qaisar khan and Noor-Ul-Ain

Web Image Search Engine Evaluation

Maram Abu Sini and Belal Abu Ata

Robust Color Image Watermarking and Web-Tracing System Using Digital Wavelet Transform and MobileAgents

Ziad Al Bkhetan1 and Nawar Al Awa

Worm Detection by Combination of Classification With Neural Networks

Tawfiq Barhoom and Hanaa Qeshta

Self-Sustainable Architecture for Healthcare Social Networking Website

Mariam Nosheen, Noreen Ashraf and Sonia Gull

Income Divide: a Determinant of Technology Acceptance

Emad Abu-Shanab


IAJeT Vol. 3, No. 1

January 2013


Adaptive Fuzzy Classification-Rule Algorithm In Detection Malicious Web Sites From Suspicious URLS

Waleed Ead, Waeil Abdelwahed and Hatem Abdul-Kader

Opportunities for Utilizing Mobile Learning Services in the Palestinian Higher Education

Naji Shukri Alzaza

Enhancement the Security of AES Against Modern Attacks by Using Variable Key Block Cipher

Shaaban Sahmoud, Wisam Elmasry and Shadi Abudalfa

An Integrated Resource Discovery Component for Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

Areej AlHogail and Samir El-Masri

The Effect of Using Electronic Dialogue Journals on English Writing Performance of Jordanian Students

Abdallah Abu Naba’h

Technology Acceptance Model For The Use Of Learning Through Websites Among Students In Oman

Sujeet Kumar Sharma  and Jyoti Kumar Chandel

An Overview Of E-Government Strategy In Lebanon

Elias M. Choueiri, Georges M. Choueiri, and Bernard M. Choueiri

Adaptive and Context-Aware Scenarios for Pervasive Technology-Enhanced Learning System

Abdelkrim Benamar , Noureddine Belkhatir, and Fethi Bendimerad






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